And We’re Back!

Here are some really belated pictures from C4 2013, which was our second Comic con, and fourth (?!) craft show. It was a blast as usual. We had great table neighbours, including the super talented Cat Jahnke, who serenaded us all weekend.

This year we had a fancy new spinning jewelry display, thanks to my dad, which was awesome. We also added more variety to our stock, including pins and magnets, and more types of jewelry.





Now that the holidays are over we are looking forward to another great year for Sweet Adeline Crafts.

C4 Pop Culture Expo will be here before we know it, from March 14th-16th. Come see the one and only Highlander!

In April we will be taking a just for fun road trip (no selling stuff!) to the Calgary Expo, where there will most likely be much squeeing over many guests, and hopefully also some great inspiration.

We are also considering getting a table at Ai-Kon, Manitoba’s Anime Convention, and we will most likely be back at C4 again in the fall.

Stay tuned for more pics of stuff we are working on, see you at the con!