Sweet Adeline Crafts started in 2012 when Jessica B. and I (Jessica C.) decided to try having a table at C4 Winnipeg, our local comic convention, and see if other people were interested in the nerdy crafts we were churning out. Turns out, other people do like the same stuff we do! Since then we’ve done two more of the big local Comic Conventions, and several other shows. It has been a blast. Having a friend doing it with me made it so much easier to put myself out there; something that was not easy for me. Honestly, I probably would have backed out at the last minute before that first show.

Together our passion for all things nerdy and pop culture related has grown, as well as (hopefully), our skills and abilities in creating our products. When we create something it is because we feel a connection to the comic/film/television show/book (etc.) that has inspired us. Being able to then share that love with a customer who feels the same connection to that item is, frankly, awesome. The absolute best part of having a table at a convention is geeking out with others about the things we love. We have had so many great conversations with people, and even started new friendships.

While we have always shared a table at these shows, the things Jessica and I create are separate, and usually quite different. As we have gained more experience, the amount and variety of our products has grown. We are also anxious to do more. One big convention a year is not enough! We want more! And we want to be able to branch out into things that might not fit as well at comic book conventions. The obvious answer to this is the internet! With websites like Etsy, it’s easy for us try our hand at online sales.

And so, after much discussion, Jessica and I have decided that it makes more sense for us to continue on separately with our craft ventures. This way she can create her own brand that fits her style, and we can each figure out what we want to do with our businesses, and what works best for each of us. It’s so bittersweet! And kind of scary! But we do promise you this: while we may have our own tables at conventions from now on, we will ALWAYS make sure that those tables are side by side. We may have different names on the front of our tables, but we will NEVER stop being con buddies.

So! Go visit Jessica B. at her new Facebook Page, Fanattagirl!

And stay tuned for some brand new Etsy shops that will be popping up soon!

Thanks to everyone for all the support, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

Magnets. And impending dwarves.

I’ve been playing with making cross stitch magnets lately. I love how they’re turning out!

In other Sweet Adeline news, C4 is coming up at the end of October. It’s going to be our third (!) year at Winnipeg’s biggest comic con. We are excited as always, and looking forward to seeing 5 of the dwarves from
The Hobbit, as well as other guests and vendors. Stay tuned for more posts about the stuff we’re working on!

Ai-Kon, here we come!

Today we are going to be at Ai-Kon, the local anime convention, for the first time!
We are excited to see what it’s all about, check out the fantastic costumes, and show off the stuff we’ve been working so hard on.
Come check us out in the marketplace. And if you’re here because you did, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to send us a message if you have an questions, comments, suggestions, etc!